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Fight with Pharyngitis


The inflammation of pharynx mucous membrane is called as pharyngitis. It is a very widespread disease which each person has suffered from, probably, popularly it is often called usually as cold.

The Reasons of Pharyngitis

The viral or bacterial infection which entered nasopharynx in case of reduced immunity is the most frequent reason of pharyngitis. As a provocative factor namely overcooling, the general or local in most cases serves. Viral pharyngitis is transmitted in the airborne way, extending very quickly, especially in places of big crowds of people (the enterprises, schools, kindergartens). In the subsequent the bacterial can be infected by viral infection. In certain cases bacterial pharyngitis arises at once as an independent disease.

Among the most widespread agents of pharyngitis rhinovirus, adenovirus, influenza viruses and coronavirus are considered to be. Except the viruses and bacteria, pharyngitis can be caused by fungal infection, allergy, injury of thorax mucous membrane, and also occurrence in throat of gastric contents during sleep at chronic gastritis. Pharyngitis at children, especially nasopharyngitis (nasopharynx inflammation), can be caused by hit of foreign matter that meets quite often.

Types of Pharyngitis

Depending on origin we may distinguish viral pharyngitis, bacterial, allergic, traumatic, fungal, and also the pharyngitis which arose in response to constant irritation. On character of current pharyngitis happens acute, subsharp and chronic. Chronic pharyngitis, in turn, is divided into catarrhal (simple), hypertrophic, atrophic and mixed. It is better to treat all the types of pharyngitis as fast as possible. To achieve the best outcome is possible especially with My Canadian Pharmacy.

Symptoms of Pharyngitis

Symptoms of pharyngitis are known to each person. It is throat irritation, pain while swallowing (, constant desire to clear the throat. Acute pharyngitis can be followed by deterioration of the general state, weakness emergence, indisposition, rise in temperature, sometimes quite considerable (38 °C and above). As a rule, the infection extends further, and in some days rhinitis (cold) joins pharyngitis. Pharyngitis at children may be treated with My Canadian Pharmacy.

Acute pharyngitis at children has similar symptoms, however at babies it is difficult to distinguish them. The kid is capricious, he interrupts while sleeping, appetite worsens. At small children symptoms of pharyngitis aren’t specific, and are similar to symptoms of any other viral disease. Pharyngitis at children very quickly passes in nasopharyngitis, because of anatomic proximity of structures that is shown by cold emergence. One more feature of acute pharyngitis at children is emergence reflex cough. Cough dry, paroxysmal, sometimes very strong, arises from irritation of throat back wall the inflammatory mucous contents which is flowing down on it.