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Erectile Dysfunction and Laptops

In recent years, laptops have become an integral part of our lives. Modern, powerful and yet lightweight and compact – they successfully replace full-sized PCs and have undeniable advantages. However, almost immediately after appearance of laptops information began to appear about harm they cause to male body and that they can cause erectile dysfunction. In order to confirm or disprove such data, sufficient statistics are needed. It is statistics that is the only irrefutable proof of danger or safety of any factor. It takes another 30 years to collect all statistics and draw reasonable conclusions. Nevertheless, there is information about potential factors that may pose threat to male health.

Possible Negative Factors

laptops cause edAmong factors that have negative impact on human body, including erection and other indicators of masculine health, the following are distinguished.

Radio Signal

In this case, we are talking about wireless information transfer using Wi-Fi and similar systems. Health Protection Agency (HPA) of Great Britain conducted a study of radio signals from wireless equipment. Frequencies used for this research are close to frequencies of FM radio band, which, as already proved by time, are completely safe. According to HPA, modern equipment fully complies with international safety standards, which clearly indicate maximum permissible standards.

Electromagnetic Radiation

As it is known, electromagnetic radiation has a very negative effect on human health, including male reproductive system. However, this is relevant only if it is a question of large doses. Modern laptop models and most of other equipment do not create electromagnetic field of sufficient strength. This information can be obtained from the passport on the device.


Thermal impact is the most relevant factor that can really harm male health. Testicles are located in scrotum, as if outside the body, just in order to maintain inside temperature of about 34 – 35 °C, rather than 36,6 °C. This is an obligatory factor for normal maturation of spermatozoa. And, as you know, laptops are heated, at average, 8 – 10 ° C per hour. At University of New York, an experiment was conducted, involving 29 men aged 21 – 35 years. By its result, when laptop was held on the lap for one hour, temperature of the scrotum rose 3 °C. According to studies, such regular heating can cause infertility.