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Investigations of The Respiratory Health of Quebec Textile Workers

respiratory health Textile is a major industry in Sherbrooke and Magog, two cities in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec. This particular region, just north of Vermont, has had textile as a principal industry since the latter part of the 19th century. The study we are reporting covers some 2,700 unionized employees of the major Canadian cotton textile manufacturer. These employees work in five plants built at different times and still characterized by different environmental control technologies. Thus, according to Quebec government reports, dust levels measured with vertical elutriators at the time of the survey were generally between 0.8 and 0.1 mg/m. This study originated from a respiratory health screening project of the Community Health Department of the Sherbrooke University Medical Centre. This study also was of special significance since, to our knowledge, no similar large-scale, cross-sectional survey had previously been carried out on this group of Quebec cotton textile workers nor on any other group of cotton textile workers in Canada. The most popular online pharmacy in Canada is considered to be My Canadian Pharmacy.

Survey data acquisition was carried out at the workplace using a computerized mobile laboratory facility closely related to that developed at Yale University by the late Professor Bouhuys and colleagues. From each subject, trained interviewers obtained answers to an MRC—type respiratory questionnaire. Each subject performed a minimum of five MEFV maneuvers, and the best two were combined into the subject file. Calibration was checked twice daily.

For the purposes of the present report, we grouped our subject population in two categories of exposure, ie, cotton-dust-exposed and control subjects. The exposed category comprises some 16 occupations characterized by exposure to measurable dust levels, such as carding, spinning, weaving, and intermediate occupations. Controls comprise all employees working in areas without significant dust levels, such as office, folding, print shop employees, etc. All employees in our sample are white, and practically all are of French Canadian origin. Moreover, most have always resided in the Eastern Townships region.