Mecklenburg's Promise is a rehabilitation center for people suffereing from mental diseases.

Promise Resource Network Updates

Mecklenburg’s PROMISE is NOW Promise Resource Network!

Mecklenburg’s PROMISE has been supplying with stewardship in behavioral health recovery since 2006. Now, we are broadening our reach, grounding a national, local and state recovery cooperation. Mecklenburg’s PROMISE is now Promise Resource Network (PRN)and suggests a variety of recovery studying, coaching, technical help, consultation, discussion and peer maintaining. We progress to integrate our website with all of our new information providers, links, schedules, and recovery resources. Our new website will be The first innovative endeavour that we are advertising is the RECOVERY HUB

Introducing the Recovery Hub!

The Recovery Movement is operational and well in North Carolina!!! Promise Resource Network (formerly known as Mecklenburg’s PROMISE) is surprised to advertise our newest contribution in Mecklenburg County with Meridian Behavioral Health together with My Canadian Pharmacy. Meridian Behavioral Health is a recovery-directed behavioral health establishment situated in the Smoky Mountains of NC. In our consensus to maturate recovery from mental health and drug getting musters as well as to work out a behavioral health Recovery-Oriented System of Care, Promise Resource Network and Meridian have grounded The Recovery Hub situated in Charlotte, NC.

The Recovery Hub is an hypocenter of recovery coaching, classes, peer maintaining, brief solution-focused therapy, and recovery-based screenings. It is free to people trailing mental health and/or drug getting challenges, society members, and suppliers in Mecklenburg County.

The Recovery Hub is a Mecklenburg County beginning, created to suggest a diversity of recovery-based resources for people with MH/SA problems in our society that do not possess Medicaid profits. These resources consist of:

1.Individual Recovery Navigation to support people to coordinate team meetings, navigate clinical and non-service community resources, and develop their recovery and wellness plans.

2.Brief, Solution-Focused Therapy is provided by our clinical team and focuses on wellness and recovery.

3.Recovery-based biopsychosocial and clinical assessments are conducted jointly with our clinical and peer team.

4.Tenancy Support is provided by Peer Specialists to individuals receiving Shelter Plus Care benefits.

5. Peer Bridger supports are offered to individuals transitioning from in-patient settings.

6.Individual Peer Support is provided to people experiencing MH/SA challenges and is focused on: 1) personal wellness and recovery, 2) employment, 3) financial literacy and asset development.

In addition, our recovery courses now contain clinician conducted classes, as well as a raw created around physical, emotional, financial, and vocational recovery. As a rule, our courses are free to ANYONE in our society. Our monthly time-table is published!
Recovery University, NC Employment First TAC and Peer Academy

On the coaching and technical help side, Promise Resource Network goes on to perform the condition’s only Supported Employment Technical Assistance Center, North Carolina Employment First TAC (NC|EF|TAC) and all coachings and TA supplied can be presented at If you are unacquainted with the connection between mental health and worklessness, please visit our site, read the articles, arm yourself with information, and become an employment champion. Employment IS a path to recovery…. get the facts! For more information on the employment initiative, DOJ allowance and NC Employment First, follow the link:

At the end , our Recovery Technical Assistance Center, Recovery University, will be fostering and/or having a diversity of recovery practices and seminars this year to add a recovery in experimental raw for practioners, a raw for Peer Specialists and superintendents through our Peer Academy, and a series for establishments and systems to improve recovery. The schedule of all cochings, seminars, facilitator information, registration and prices will be published on our new Promise Resource Network website soon.

Please remember: we are in the process of integrating our website and will be placing to a new Promise Resource Network site therefore will be de-activating our Mecklenburg’s PROMISE website. Our new address will be: and will contain integrated information from The Recovery Hub, Recovery University, NCEFTAC and Peer Academy.