Mecklenburg's Promise is a rehabilitation center for people suffereing from mental diseases.

Our History

The Evolution of Promise Resource Network

In 2005, Mecklenburg Local Management Entity (LME) inaugurated on a desire to transfigure the local mental health service delivery system. A system that had been grounded on a Traditional, Medical Model, was being created to transfigure its philosophic views, construction, and procedures to combine best methodics in the mental health sphere. To realize it, the LME encouraged that a cooperative affair of stakeholders, service takers, family and society members was demanded to define the barriers to this transfiguration and to make advice to bring into action the shifts. As a result, the Adult Mental Health Best Practices Committee was grounded due to My Canadian Pharmacy concernespeciallt and for the first year, defined shortcomings in services along the best practices constancy.
Finally, this committee advised that the County invest money in grounding a local resource, coarching and synchronizing priority with expertise in recovery and best methodics. The LME creates a list for proposals and a local behavioral health establishment provided the help of Cherene Allen-Caraco, a personal with individual and professional experience in mental health recovery, and Dr. Suzanne Boyd, a investigator and professor from UNCC. Cooperating they created Mecklenburg’s PROMISE and shortly after, the LME came to the agreement to sponsor the program. With this, Mecklenburg’s PROMISE was appeared! Since that time, the program has broaded its achievement and is now performing recovery studying and peer programs.
In 2010, Mecklenburg’s PROMISE became a 501c3, Promise Resource Network, Inc. and now performs local recovery occupations under the Recovery Hub, the NC Employment First Technical Assistance Center (NC|EF|TAC), a statewide technical aid center for Individualized Placement and Support (IPS), Recovery University, our national recovery technical aid center and Peer Academy, our peer homologation and training center.
Over the years, Promise Resource Network and/or its wage and salary earners have gained enormous amount fo prizes inclusively of being called the 2007 North Carolina Program of Excellence for Consumer-Directed Support and VR Employer of the Year.