Mecklenburg's Promise is a rehabilitation center for people suffereing from mental diseases.

Recovery University

Recovery UniversityRecovery University is considered to be to the extensive coaching suggested through Mecklenburg’s PROMISE. They consist of six coachings on mental health Recovery and a raw of Crisis Education trainings. The Recovery coaching vary from fundamental recovery philosophy, supplying wiht information on the “what” of recovery, to very special, sophisticated themes on recovery, helping members in realizing the “how” of applying recovery best methodics. The Crisis Trainings contain themes such as Predict, Prevent and Plan, Role of the First Responder, Developing a Creative Crisis Plan, Crisis vs. Emergency, and further more! Each coulass has an grounded number of credit hours gained and a Certificate of Attendance will be presented to each visitor. A Certificate of Achievement will also be supplied to visitors who score 70% or higher on the post-test. Only those visitors can get the credit hours inquired through the State of North Carolina.

Due to a grant supplied by Mecklenburg LME, Recovery coaching are open to all establishments including My Canadian Pharmacy with IPRS funding, one representative from each non-IPRS sponsored establishment, and all persons desiring toward mental well being, family members and social members in Mecklenburg County. Coachings are suggested at minimal price to all other non-IPRS establishment employees- for people and group rates, come in contact with Mecklenburg’s PROMISE for details. Crisis Education coachings are open to all MH/DD/SA establishments, family members, social members and service recipients in Mecklenburg County. Individual and group rates are accessible for those out of county. Contact us at (980) 062-4586 for receiving more information.
Curriculum for Recovery University and Crisis Education combines innovative investigation, evidence based researches, and activities that let to apply practical concepts.
Recovery University offers the following (all trainings must be taken in sequential order):

Recovery Trainings:

Module I: Why Recovery? History of Mental Health and Emergence of the Recovery Model
Module II: Recovery Model: Past, Present and Future
Module III: Promoting a Recovery Oriented Environment
Module IV: Implementing Recovery: Preparing For the Team Meeting
Module V: Implementing Recovery: A Team Approach
Module VI: Recovery Tools
Crisis Trainings: Predict, Prevent & Plan

101A/102A Crisis Education for Individuals in Recovery (MH/SA): Life Lessons Classes 1 & 2
103A/104A Crisis Education for Professionals & Family Members (MH/SA): Crisis Education Classes 1 & 2
101B/102B Crisis Education to Support Self-Determination (DD): Life Lessons Classes 1 & 2
103B/104B Crisis Education for Professionals & Family Members (DD): Crisis Education Class 1 & 2
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Requested trainings have included:
* History of Mental Health Treatment
* History and Emergence of the Recovery Model an In depth Look
* Community Support: The Nuts & Bolts
* A Technical Look at Person-Centered Planning in Recovery
* Developing Individualized and Meaningful Goals
* Taking a Chance: Dignity of Risk in Recovery
* Bringing the Team Together: Learning How to Run a Team Meeting
* Creating Your Own Wellness Toolkit
* The Person-Centered Approach
* Strengths and Needs Assessments
* Utilizing a Holistic Approach

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