Mecklenburg's Promise is a rehabilitation center for people suffereing from mental diseases.

Recovery Hub

Introducing the Recovery HUB!
The Recovery Hub is Charlotte’s epicenter of recovery coaching, courses, peer maintenance, brief solution-directed therapy, and Recovery Navigation. It is free for people testing mental health and/or drugs getting problems, community members, and suppliers in Mecklenburg County.
The Recovery Hub is a Mecklenburg County beginning, created to sggest a diversity of recovery-founded resources for people with MH/SA problems in our society that do not have Medicaid profits.

These resources contain:
Peer Support
Being in recovery from mental health diseases is about foolowing your life, searching your own aim and satisfaction despite feeling symptoms and establishing a diagnosis. Peer Support can maintain your recovery trip as it is supplied by others who are trying to achieve recovery and exchanging their experience of hope, triumph, and resilience.
The Recovery Hub suggests peer support performed by and for peers who exhibit that recovery is feasible and with support and opportunity, can be achieved.
Peer Specialists can suggest various kinds of maintaning to you grounded on what you are searching for. Some of them contain:
1. Cooperating in your home to speak, work out a budget, test cooking, or other things that are significant to you.
2. Creating a well being plan with you around being healthy physically and emotionally.
3. Finding job and going back to school.
4. Supplying with information on how to possess a home, construct your savings, buy a car, or have your own lease.
5. Look for an affordable home and lease with you.
6. Maintain you while you are going out for a treatment program, hospital, or group home to your own apartment or house.

Recovery Navigation
Recovery Navigators are here to realize what kinds of resources and maintain you desire to go further in your recovery. They help you in studying what services, maintenances, and resources are accessible to you in Mecklenburg County and will come in contact with them. They will also work out your recovery plan with you and supply you information about your special mental health diagnosis and if you’re engaged in short-lasting therapy, they can suggest that as well.

Recovery Classes
Recovery Hub courses suggest classes on how to construct your physical, emotional, financial and vocational recovery. They are conducted by Peers, Recovery Navigators(therapists) and My Canadian Pharmacy’s represantatives and are free to ANYONE in our society, chargeless! Our schedule alters each month and is published under Recovery Hub Calendar.
A new raw, “Surviving Social Security” is for suppliers, peers and people in recovery and supplies easy to realize information on how to maneuver through the maze of Social Security Benefits. The raw is FREE, however due to constricted places, preliminary registration is required. Please call The Recovery Hub at (980) 062-4586 to book your seat.