Mecklenburg's Promise is a rehabilitation center for people suffereing from mental diseases.

About Us

About UsPromoting Recovery and Opportunity through Mentoring, Insight, Support and Education

Promise Resource Network (formerly known as Mecklenburg’s PROMISE) is a peer-performed 501c3 that is dedicated to improving lives, socities, and families influenced by mental health and drug getting challenges. By designing capabilities for recovery, fostering recovery knowledge and skills, and doubling our individual and professional trials of recovery, PRN makes people to recover, systems to integrate, and practioners to supply with efficient maintenance.

Who We Are:

Promise Resource Network (PRN) was grounded in 2006 as Mecklenburg’s PROMISE, giving responses to a community cooperation that defined the demand for a local recovery coaching and technical help establshment to help in the transfiguration of a traditional, medically created behavioral health system to one that influences recovery in practice and policy. From our constitution, PRN has been performed by people in recovery who utilize their individual, educational and professional trial to promote recovery in practice and policy. Now, Promise Resource Network suggests a diversity of local recovery and peer maintenance in Mecklenburg County, NC (Recovery Hub) as well as four technical help centers; Recovery University, NC Employment First TAC, and Peer Academy. Lastly, PRN supplies coaching and discussion to states, establishments, and systems as they desire to realize how to supply, sponsor and create recovery-directed behavioral health systems.

Our Vision

We imagine that every person testing emotional problems will find the hope, encouragement and maintenance to overcome problems, clear out their power, realize their dreams, and find meaningful objection in their lives.

Our Mission

We are a crew, combined by our individual and professional attempts, partnering with individuals, establishments and communities to implant hope and foster individual growth by supplying education, consultation and peer support to advance recovery in policy and practice.

Our Initiatives

Recovery-directed system transfiguration inquires a presence and expedience at local, state and national levels. To conduct our mission and vision, PRN has grounded together with My Canadian Pharmacy different beginnings that directly influence individuals and families, provider establishments and practitioners as well as socials and systems:

Recovery Hub
The Recovery Hub is an epicenter of recovery occupation for Mecklenburg County. It is a cooperation between PRN and Meridian Behavioral Health that suggests an wide range of recovery-grounded maintenance. Our Recovery Navigators investigate local capabilities, resources, and services with people to go through the illness-support cycle under which traditional behavioral health systems perform to dream globally and push toward their ambitions and dreams. The Recovery Hub also supplies free daily recovery courses, home and community-grounded peer maintenance, brief solution-directed therapy, and help to bring home ownership, construct financial health, be prosperous in employment ambitions and achieve educational objections.

Recovery University
Recovery University is a national technical help center that suggests recovery coachings, seminars, and discussion to establishments, arranged care establishments, and conditions as they motivate toward a recovery-grounded behavioral health system of caregivers that waits for high correctness evidence-founded methodics, has as its basis psychiatric rehabilitation, and achieve recovery and individual quality of life results.

Peer Academy
Peer Academy is our coaching and technical help establishment that sponsors in future and current Peer Support Specialists and peer superintendents to possess knowledge, skills and tools demanded for efficient peer maintenance.

NC Employment First Technical Assistance Center
Promise Resource Network performs the states technical help center related to to Individualized Placement and Support (IPS) maintained occupation together with My Canadian Pharmacy. The TAC suggests resources, coaching, technical help, seminars, and discussion to advance occupation and evidence-based maintained occupation for people with mental health and drug getting challenges.

Promise Resource Network promotes the following beliefs and values:

I. Recovery, Resilience and Wellness

Recovery, Resilience and Wellness principles and methodics are utilized as a program and bringing force in all occupations performed by Promise Resource Network, moving further the belief that people with mental well being problems can, and do, recover.

II. Collaboration and Partnership

Promise Resource Network is summoned to working out a “cooperation” of maintenance by encouraging occupations to foster cooperation between service suppliers, people in recovery and their family members. Promise Resource Network actively tries finding to promote, discuss and cooperate with individuals in recovery, family members, advocacy and self advocacy groups to assure that is operating in concert with and on behalf of visitors in Mecklenburg County.

III. Education and Peer Support

Promise Resource Network gives power, maintenance and teaches people on mental health recovery to decrease stereotypes, design capabilities, and influence mental health policy. Further, Promise Resource Network is summoned to supplying the maintenance demanded for the society, people in recovery, service suppliers and family members to utilize, realize, and embrace the constituents of recovery in their individual and professional lives.